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I'm the happy owner of a couple of sock knitting machines, and I can turn your sock yarn stash into socks.

We all know how it goes, you get to a fiber show, the wool fumes cloud your brain, and the next thing you know you've bought a lot of sock yarn. But using tiny needles, DPN's, two at a time- it's still going to take you forever to make socks.

Do you love knit wool socks but don't know the difference between sock yarn and a salad fork? I can help! I have a stash of sock yarn- everything from indy dyed to professional self striping yarn.

Enter the sock machine- I can knit a pair of socks faster than anyone can by hand.
Also because I have so many machines with all their different parts, we can knit socks for any size of feet. Men, women, and children. Wide feet? We can accommodate that. Small feet? That too. Dislike ribbing bumps? Plain knit for you. Love how ribbing hugs your ankles? I can do that. Not sure what your like? We can try a few things and see what you like. Want socks but have never stepped foot in a yarn store? Check our other listings- we can provide yarn (for an additional cost)

How it works:

-You purchase. 1 unit is 1 pair of socks. If you want more than one pair of socks, purchase one listing of 'your yarn' or 'my yarn', and then purchase 'additional socks'.

-You get some measurements for me. I will send you a list of what I need.
-I send you a single tester sock. You test for fit. I adjust for fit.

-You send your sock yarn (if I'm using your yarn) and the test sock. If we are using my yarn, we will settle on colors and yarn content.

-I knit your socks. I will also block them. Often you can watch your socks being made on our Instagram account.

-I send you your socks!

Yarn requirements- "Typical sock yarn". Superfine or 1 on the sock label. We recommend a superwash/nylon blend. Indy dyed welcomed! 100g typically makes a pair of socks.

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